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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We started to dress up, make up around 6 plus at my house.
Reached 7.40 straight headed to my bro working place at Damansara "The SOUL"
We reached there around 8.30.. Wow~ Charlene saw guys there huh :x
We went to fetch up bro friend then to Jeannete house for some additional makes up ..

10pm night we went to Bangsar, Mist Club For Halloween Night
It was kinda happening there..
Snap Snap Snap, Drink..

12:00am !!

: Love u always my best friend ever!

I started get drowsy......

We headed to mamak after 3am ..
My last meal was my breakfast at 2pm..
I ordered Nasi Lemak, OMG..the Rice Is HOT but Not COOK :x
Bro fetched Mabe back after that then Charlene stayed my house for the night..

Took Some Happening Photos :x

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Monday, October 26, 2009


The Halloween Night Is Waiting For You, My Friends...

Dress Up, Make Up, Hair Do To Mist Club, Bangsar On 31th Of October !!

Mix Fm. Will Be There Waiting For Us :X


26th Of October

Aiks !! Time to exam again :s
Today's Sivik & Maths 1 so i need to go school early, it means i must wake up early and it's tiring..
While doing sivik exam paper i keep on non-stop yawning for an hour..
My eyes only left half opened..
The paper is not different at all.. Luckly i still managed to finish it earlier so i can get some sleep..
After recess were maths1 paper, seriously i duno how to do.. i slept a while then wake up call Jazz meen for help..
By the way, every paper also seems to need her help the all time.

Around 3, me n mum started to bake cake again :) we bake banana walnut..
Taste good of course, ahaa :) But the bottom part it's still hangus..
Probably its bcos my auntie gave us the paper cup not suitable for cake..
I slept for 2 hour plus and i'm still tired now..

Charlene intro me the musics game it's kinda interesting n later gonna do some maths ;) hmmph.. Everything about today i think it's gonna end by now!! TOOT, i'm gonna finish my game firsy :)

25th Of October

Woke up in the morning today for breakfast
We ate Bah Kut Teh around 11 something then went back home bcos parents need to go my grandma hse again , It's Again..
So-oo i'm alone at home.. I'm always free on Sunday !! Any plan call me up :p 

Meet up with mabel n jason at my house at 4plus then straight to Sunway Golf Club..
Second time leaning to play at the driving range..
The farest i can hit it's Only 50M !!

OMG..Have a look at those pro, Every single ball they hit..min 200M ??!what the hack..
After one hour, again, my auntie msged me accom her go to driving range..
omg again ! I'm already here... :s  But we went back home and meet her up..
Alamak we went back to the same place which we just left for 20 min, i thought she might wanted to go some other driving range :s
So all of us played again at there until 6 then we headed back for dinner at my relatives house..

Omg.. i felt so bored eating at there, same as my friend and the food were..hmm, i duno y.. it dont taste that good and its all kind of dry..
The whole table is kinda quiet, and i felt weird..
I quickly eat finished and we went for a swim after dinner around 8 until 10...
Kinda fun la, we played monkey and taking pictures..
*Pitures will upload asap*

They went back around 12 plus and i went and changed mana tau bro called me n asked for helping him out of the car !?! :S
He said he fell down and went hospital for x-ray..
He cant even walk so mum help him out.. And i prepared Ice-Milo for him :D

Now is 1.15am , GOOD NIGHT My dearssssss :D

Saturday, October 24, 2009

24th Of October

GOoooD MorniiiinG My Dearsssss

Woke up early today ;) Feel So Fresh in The morning air with The morning light :D
In The Mood Of Going Out For Shopping Now !! But Parents's have something to do, sooo i've no transport :(
Started blogging stuff about yesterday then i walked to my relative house to bake butter cake. BAKE CAKE AGAIN !!! My favorite :)
The cake taste good but bottom part hangus.. Seriously we dono why and we didn't did any wrong steps..

NOW, I'm googling for Ice-cream recipes :D Pauline have the ice-cream maker , sooo - why not try out?!!

23th Of October

Went school at 9.30 today, and my mum went back malacca for some stuff..
History paper 2 exam gonna start at 10am..
Seriously, i blank my whole paper, i didn't even write anything on my a4 paper..
Part of my class ppl were busying writing the whole time for 2 hour..
2 and a half hour uh...nothing for me to do :s
Went back home after exam, eat, watch tv waiting for the time to pass..
I'd my dinner at ss1, then straight to 1Utama for desserts..
While we're on the way going back my home,
There's a huge "BOOM" crash makes all of us bounced up..
We realize it was the car behind us,
Maybe he's drunk or something..We took down the number plate then back to my hse.. ;)
bcos mum's waiting for me at home :D

Thursday, October 22, 2009

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22th Of October

Today i must go school early bcos i'm having commerse paper 2 n science paper 1 !
Aww~ i only answer 2 question n the wajib jawab questions only.. I didn't study for the rest..
Except Science :D science, aye it's kinda hard but i'm still hoping to get 37marks as well :)
These day i kept going to Charlene house including Today too :)
I helped her to mop n vacuum the floor :D AYE AYE, my second time doing this :)
I helped her to curl her hair n make-up ! She looks sweet like having summer season tie up her hair with flowers rubber band.

And now i'm watching Taiwan series which is from charlene by brandy :)
Seriously taiwan ppl always react slower in the movie.. The way they talk with the face acting innocent.. But maybe the story line is good?!...

My friend called me and told me some unexpected news, Oh God!! and another thing is she asked me along to the hallowen night as well.. i'm afraid it will be bored again.. It depends then :)

I'm gonna continue my movie now!!...TOOT!! & Night :)

11.18pm, no need to sleep early, i'm still gonna go school at 9.30am for Sejarah tmr.. ;) wich me luck that i can sleep well in the class ;)
Gotta Go